Tekken 7 Notes

Below are the notes compiled in the process of reviewing Tekken 7. They are very rough around the edges, but I hope they are at least helpful to someone going through the setup process without sighted assistance.

The setup process for T7 is as follows:


Before you can start the game you must read and accept the privacy policy and terms of use.

Please choose a region:

Privacy Policy

Please select a language in which to display the privacy policy and terms of use (the language displayed in the game will not change):


Hold down on your dpad for around 40 seconds and if you've successfully got to the bottom of the EULA and press right, you should hear a menu sound. Press left again and A to agree.

Privacy Policy

Do the same as you did for the EULA (see above).


This game uses an autosave feature. This icon (a red icon) will appear when the game is saving. Do not turn off the Xbox One console whil this icon (a different, blue icon) is displayed.

The icon above (the blue icon) will be displayed while the game is loading.

Press A to leave this dialogue box.

Double elimination has been added to the tournament rules settings. (press A to leave this dialogue box)

To celebrate the release of tekken 7 we're giving away fight mone. (press a to leave this box). Fight Money obtained (3000000g) (Press a to leave this box)


These all wrap. Options in brackets (()) are the options listed when pressing A on the main item. So when clicking on main ini the following example, you'd see 1, 2 3 and 4 as items:

Main (1, 2, 3, 4)

Story: the Mishima Saga

Online: (Ranked Match, Player match, tournament leaderboards)

Offline: (Arcade Battle, Treasure Battle, VS Battle and Practice)

When going back, it puts you on the last selected option.

Customisation: (Character customisation, player customisation)

Gallery: (T7, TTT2, T6, T5, T4, Tekken Tag, T3, T2, Tekken)

Options:( Game Options, sound options, Controller Setup, Display Settings, Copyright/Credits)

Player Information

Xbox Store

Game options:

Story Mode Diff: (defaults to 3 star, left is 1, right is 5)

CPU Diff (defaults to Medium) Left is Easy, Right is Hard, very hard, ultra hard.

Number of Rounds (default is 2), left is 1, right goes up to 5

Time Limit (default is 60), left goes to 40, 30, right goes to 80, 99 and infinity.

Controller Vibration Settings (Defaults to On, left is off)

Tournament Settings ***Can be added if requested***

Restore Default Settings

Sound options (These don't scroll when selecting levels, all ahve 10)

Master Volume

BGM (7)

SFX and Voice (7)

Movie Volume (7)

Subtitles (on)

Restore Defaults (click, go right and A to confirm and restore)

Story Mode

Select story difficulty (defaults to difficulty selected in options)

This setting is for beginners, some moves and combos are easier to execute in the story mode, allowing new players to get a feel for battle.

The difficulty setting does not effect the content of the story.

3 star: This is the standard difficutly setting for casual players. Opponents are moderately strong.

5 Star: This setting is for advanced players. Tougher than the standard setting, this mode will put your skills to the test.

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